Tatiana Lee

Tatiana A Lee is the founder and editor of Accessible Hollywood, where she highlights her journey as an actress, model, speaker & lifestyle influencer born with Spina Bifida. She harnesses the power of social media to speak boldly about accessibility and inclusion in mass media. Tatiana felt invisible to the rest of society because she …Read more

Reid Johnson-Rich

Reid Johnson-Rich started her career in the entertainment business as an actress, however, being a multi-talented songwriter and performer, her acting career was quickly interrupted with the offer of a major record deal. In the early 90’s, Reid signed to Interscope Records as a member of the R&B/Rap trio “Three Shades Brown”. The group released …Read more

Cheryl Bedford

Cheryl L. Bedford, a NAACP Image Award Nominee for “Dark Girls” and Baltimore native, holds a BFA from NYU’s TSOA and MFA in Producing from AFI. She is currently based in Los Angeles, CA. As a Production Manager, Line Producer, and Producer, Cheryl has worked on countless film/tv/digital projects, including over 15 Independent Features. Ms. …Read more

Marisilda Garcia

As a Texas native, Marisilda Garcia dreamed of making her way to Los Angeles to pursue her acting and singing career. As both a Mexican American and a female, she anticipated the journey ahead of her and fought to get where she is today. ​ She remembers her 2nd grade teacher telling her during a …Read more

Teresa Jusino

Teresa Jusino is native New Yorker who currently lives and writes in Los Angeles. In 2018, Jusino launched Pomonok Entertainment, a production banner that incorporates a company mission of working toward alleviating homelessness in Los Angeles into the larger mission of telling engaging, thought-provoking, inclusive stories across multiple mediums. Pomonok recently had its first theatrical …Read more

Gianni-Amber North & Melanna Gray

Okay okay, they’re not twins but they finish each other’s sentences, sound just alike, and share a business, home, car, and dog. MELANNA GRAY and GIANNI-AMBER NORTH are sisters, partners, and best friends. They grew up together in Kansas City, Missouri. Melanna Actress/Writer/Producer Melanna Gray has been a leader all her life. In high school, she led her track team …Read more